THE ULTIMATE LOGBAIT COUNTER!! Best Graveyard Cycle Deck — Clash Royale

This deck is the ultimate logbait counter! I’ve had a lot of success with it climbing the ladder, with 12 win grand challenges, and competitive play most of all! It destroys log bait and hog rider decks. Due to the fast 3.0 cycle, log bait will never be able to out cycle your log. Consequently they will aim to rocket cycle you out, as their only source of damage. However, rocket cycling is always going to be out-damaged by your graveyard poison pushes, so you will end up with the victory! Hog rider decks will also not be able to out cycle your tesla, so you should win that matchup as well. When playing graveyard, don’t commit too heavily in single elixir, without knowing what your opponent has. Graveyard icegolem can easily get shut down by bats or minions if you don’t have elixir for poison. A icegolem, graveyard, poison push is 11 elixir- a costly investment. So it’s best to do those pushes when you are up elixir & know your opponents cycle, or if its double elixir and more easily affordable. Thanks for watching!

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