THE NEW MOST BROKEN CARD // Clash Royale | How to Use: Witch

God damn it Supercell, you’ve done it again. The last time we saw this big of a buff to a 4+ elixir card was December 2016, and that was to elite barbs! Did they not learn from their lesson? In today’s video, I recap how you wanna be using this card – and how insanely OP she is. From taking entire pushes, to killing bandits on your side of the board, there’s no denying that Supercell may have gone a tad overboard with this one 😛

Last strategy video:

Credits to my clan Vanguard Recon for helping with the clips, primarily Badger and Villain though.

Special shoutout to Spider for the thumbnail too, his YouTube is hither:

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Deck in the video:

Song in the video: (Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]])


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