Survivor Royale Hack – Get Unlimited Gold!

Survivor Royale is a multiplayer survival game, which you can safely call the best in this genre. This is the first game for mobile devices, which has excellent graphics, detail and freedom of action. It offers players more than other games. She caused me such enthusiasm that it is even difficult to describe it. Let’s start from the very beginning, and at the end I’ll tell you the most important thing, why did you come to this site.

As I said, this game is distinguished by excellent graphics, the developers paid much attention to the small details themselves. Characters and their movements are very natural, on maps there are many different objects that make it more real. Grass, trees, sky, water, buildings, everything is very well traced. There are several maps here, they are large, and very interesting, many different constructions and not only. One thing I can say for sure, graphics and maps, this game you definitely will not disappoint.

How does the game begin? If you first installed it, you need to select a character and enter your name. Then you need to pass the training, it is very short, you will only be taught how to take and throw objects and use weapons. Gone training? Then start your first battle in Survivor Royale. You will be dropped from the airplane over the map, when you land, you will have to act very quickly, search for weapons and other items that can be of use to you. Together with you on the card will play 99 more people, so be careful. You just need to survive.

In the game Survivor Royale you can team up with other players and create a team (maximum 4 people). To survive you will have to be cruel, kill rivals, take away their weapons, clothes and all that you may need. In this game there are also cars on which you can move, one or with a team. I do not want to load you with unnecessary information, it’s better to watch the video on the Internet and you will understand how cool this game is. And now let’s move on to the main thing.

This game is very popular, so we hacked it. We created Survivor Royale hack with which you will get many different weapons, first-aid kits and not only. What is this hacking? These are the codes, there are many of them, you just need to enter the code on the weapon and near you to appear many different weapons, the code on health will give you many first-aid kits, the code for the car will give you a car. Where to enter the codes you learn from the instruction that comes in one file with the codes. Start winning right now.
That’s what Survivor Royale cheats will give you:

you will receive all the weapons that are only in this game;
you do not need to worry about your health, you will always have a first aid kit;
if you need a car, you will get it;
win will be much easier.


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