“ROYAL ONLY DECK CHALLENGE!” | Clash Royale | Does It Work?


Royalty ONLY deck | Does It Work? | Clash Royale | As always thanks for watching! And remember to share this video with your grandfather 🙂

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“Royalty ONLY deck challenge!” | Clash Royale | Does It Work?
“Royalty ONLY deck challenge!” | Clash Royale | Does It Work?
“Royalty ONLY deck challenge!” | Clash Royale | Does It Work?

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To another and they can be taking a look at a Royal or Jack none other is a giant skeleton bones Howard there’s also the electrical and the arrows but this is going to be a competitive deck without ever using up here in the legendary / Royal Arena size so do you want to make it viable for wins 2002 some oil only gameplay Sprint report is going to be downstairs with the Canon and I’m very happy to announce the row Giants will be getting an awesome 1 range increase the right right right now is where the height of a card so I’m super stoked about that so it is that you got the prints are you got this you must which is pretty insane so just make sure you’re not facing a fireball we will probably use your card and your friends can poison down our stuff I don’t really like him because of that which means that we can put down our a prince and a musketeer it makes a very smart play putting down that giant skeleton end because that’s going to lose our a total of 10 electrons of 6 and Red Skelton if I did not put them I think it’s because I just didn’t want to risk it which is why I didn’t put that in the first place all right looks like 3 year are present misspelling so would you like to 11 Fahrenheit and the Goblin spawner we don’t know that he’s on the lower left here so we can put it on our account with our age and it’s really good there’s always well he’s going to try to go and he can try to poison because You can win that’s what I’m talking about sorry but the reason I’m very sure yet what happened to some of line option with his dad and hopefully we get some good results also All rights are going to be facing a supercell that is pretty funny I’m pretty sure my face in the headquarter of that game but you know okay sounds good by the way If you see a bunch of crappy play with his card so I know we are facing a level 9 so I can play careful of course give me something down the canyon I’m so happy that thing is getting a Nerf next page are just so whatever that thing comes out it’s just such a hassle to face other stuff that we can just have more friends before dark or just prints but you’re not getting redo them I got jokes The right guy pulled up in a slab down at the messages behind a row Giants 590 with those guys in place so we started to play super slowly I don’t want to be praying that okay oh my God this guy using the hog rider damn just put everything that they should just clear out those boys super quickly as our friend does not have a fire on the deck if he did I would be screwed another one like it let’s red cards when he gets home I completely missed you I thought you look like you have it all my God that was so pretty Okay so have a picture like that hopefully build up a big mess Army is looking right at guys I don’t like facing the same friends I was going up my conversation oh my God yes that we can hope for is that is crazy Take out the stuff he did to 5 on a row Giants so he was content to just be able to sneak out all the time he’s going to try to distract them he might be able to but he’s always liked her and they’re going to come away with a nice one power went out before the end of 4 jokes I mean does it take to recover from a horrible fate unless I tell you please come down below like usual I just have to contact you like to see I don’t I’m not the best at the game I’m kind of more like I’d like to try to the dance today just calm down below any crazy ideas you have all that we have produced a type of videos…


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