PEKKA’s Playhouse (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Today we are going to create a polymer clay PEKKA’s Playhouse from Clash Royale! This was the winner in the last poll and you decided I should create this miniature from clay. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

In this tutorial we will also have a poll for next week’s Pokemon Tutorial AND I will announce the winner of the #handwrittenletter raffle and also the first 5 Silver Clay Buttons.

This is the last card from the new 4 ones (Mega Knight, Flying Machine, Cannon Cart) which I created. Check also out the other tutorials if you haven’t.

I will also talk about the upcoming Overwatch tutorial AND that we achieved 300.000 subscribers on our channel!! WOW!! Don’t miss the special I will publish tomorrow on my channel 🙂


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