ORIGINAL LOG BAIT DECK! Trophy Pushing — Clash Royale

ORIGINAL LOG BAIT DECK! Trophy Pushing | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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In this clash royale let’s play, we played the original log bait deck and did some trophy pushing on the clash royale ladder! This log bait deck has goblin gang, goblin barrel, and the princess all to bait out your oppoent’s log. It has tesla to combat all the bridge spam decks, golem decks, and giant decks. Ice spirit is there to allow for a faster cycle, and it provides a great way to preserve your princess. Since your opponent will most likely be logging your goblin barrels, you will want to stack a lot of princesses. If you can have multiple princesses on the map and protect them, you will gain a huge elixir advantage overtime, you will bait out their log on your princesses eventually, and then your goblin barrel will be free to get a lot of damage on their princess tower. This original log bait deck has been around in the 12 win grand challenge, ladder & trophy pushing, and clash royale tournament scene for the longest time out of any deck archetype. It has been very reliable as one of the clash royale best deck archetypes, and it seems that it will always be viable. If you are looking for a fun & viable deck to play across all metagames, this log bait deck might be for you. I hope you guys enjoyed my clash royale pro tips and tricks, good luck in your 12 win grand challenges and trophy pushing, and I’ll see you in the arena!

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