(Max)1×valkery VS 500×Barbarian..!!who wil win…fun

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Clash Royale – Arena(3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) Best Deck

How to get to Builder’s Workshop,Royal Arena,Frozen Peak,Jungle Arena,Hog Mountain,Legendary Arena

Clash Royale – Cards + Attack Strategy + Tips + Card Spotlight + Chest Opening + quick + fast + how to + no hacks, glitches, bots or free gems here.
with Archers,Baby Dragon,Bandit,Barbarians,Bomber,Bowler,Balloon,Dark Prince,Dart
Goblin,Electro Wizard,Elite Barbarians,Executioner,Fire Spirits,Giant,Goblin Gang,Golem,Guards,
Giant Skeleton,Goblins,Hog Rider,Ice Spirit,Ice Wizard,Ice Golem,Inferno Dragon,Knight,Lava Hound,
Lumberjack,Mega Minion,Miner,Mini P.E.K.K.A,Minions,Minion Horde,Musketeer,P.E.K.K.A,Prince,Princess,Royal Giant,
Skeleton Army,Skeletons,Sparky,Spear Goblin,Three Musketeers,Valkyrie,Witch,Wizard, Arrows,Clone Spell,Freeze,Fireball,
Goblin Barrel,Graveyard,Heal,Lightning,Mirror,Poison,Rage,Rocket,The Log,Tornado,Zap, Barbarian Hut,Goblin Hut,Bomber Tower,Cannon,
Elixir Collector,Furnace,Inferno Tower,Mortar,Tombstone,Tesla,X-Bow,

Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.

Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!

? Duel players from around the world in real-time and take their Trophies
? Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
? Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests
? Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses
? Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents
? Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
? Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
? Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel
? Learn different battles

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