Let’s Play Clash Royale Ep. 1 With KairosTime – First Match, First Epic, Arena 2, and More!

Join KairosTime along his amazing journey as he plays Clash Royale from the Training Camp all the way to the Legendary Arena! In Episode 1 of this Let’s Play series, KairosTime speeds through the Training Camp, gets his first Epic, plays his first match, and climbs up to Arena 2! Let’s Play Clash Royale with KairosTime will bring you the excitement of live commentary as he plays, win streaks along with some losses, and all the tips and strategy KairosTime has to offer as he climbs all the way up to the Legendary Arena with a completely Free To Play account! He’ll cover everything from advanced strategy, deck building, how to level up quickly, and much more!

The Kairos Kingdom is a network of clans led by KairosTime that boasts an amazing atmosphere of positivity and activity! If you want to be part of the Kairos Kingdom, complete an application here:

If you’re interested in joining the Son of a Witch clan, join Bewitched or Bewitched2 to apply!

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