Ladder Matches! Playing my EBarbs Rage 🐷Hog Cycle Deck🐷 (with an Element of Zap Bait) in Leagues!

Just a fun little video about some recent successful ladder matches that I had! In this video, I showcase some examples of my Ebarb Rage Hog Cycle Deck, which also contains an element of Zap Bait!

This deck has a number of advantages, and can be played in a number of styles. You can try for an early eBarb/Rage combo at the bridge in an attempt to catch your opponent off guard, or you can save your eBarbs for defense as they do a massive amount of damage.

You have another major win condition with the Hog Rider. Since you have a variety of cards that cost 1 or 2 elixir, you are able to play this much like a Hog Cycle deck with the ability to Cycle back to your Hog Rider quite quickly. If you are playing it with this style, you can save your Minion Horde and eBarbs as heavy defense units.

Lastly, this deck contains an element of Zap Bait. Ideally, you will cause your opponent to waste their Zap on your Bats, allowing safe passage of your Minion Horde

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Deck List:
Elite Barbarians
Ice Spirit
Hog Rider
Minion Horde

Deck Link:

Music Credits: “Hannah Montana” – Migos

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