How to get trophies fast with under leveled cards with low card levels in castle crush. We are using rush decks which really minimize the disadvantage you have with low cards levels and it allows you to trophy push way above your equal level opponents. There are different rush deck and all are super successfull, reaper decks, classic rush decks, rush decks, power rush decks. SO many variations!I used a power rush deck from castle 6 (pirates bay) to castle 7 (angelic temple). This deck consists of the following: nature heal, extra crystal, extra crystal, mana ritual, mana ritual, rage, blizzard, standard bearer, demon, inferno, executioner, executioner, black knight and black knight.

About Castle Crush!

Duel players from all around the world in the best real time game! Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells: from the terrible Wizard to the tremendous Golem! Play Now, for Free!

Lead your army to victory! Build a strong deck and knock down the enemy’s castle deploying your troops! Earn trophies and climb the global ranking! Open your chests to discover and unlock new powerful warriors and spells! Will you get one of the few legendary cards?

Define your strategy and choose carefully your warriors. Bowmen to kill from distance? Golem to break through the defense? Or a heal spell to give a boost to your troop? Your decision will make the difference between victory or defeat!

+ Duel other players in epic battles
+ Collect new powerful troops
+ Destroy opponent’s castles to unlock new cards
+ Progress through multiple levels all the way to the top
+ Learn different battle tactics and become the ultimate champion
+ Open magical chests
+ Earn trophies


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