How to: Field a Ground Ball | Mistakes To Avoid!

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In today’s video, Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training shows you how to field a ground ball properly. You’ll learn the big mistakes to avoid in order to stand out as an infielder. If you make even one of these mistakes, it’s going to really hinder you from being an elite infielder. So let me share with you the mistakes and exactly how to fix them.

The first mistake is not anticipating the ball being hit to you. Many infielders get into their ready position flat-footed, then are surprised when the ball is hit their way. They freeze, lose time, and might not even know what to do with the ball once they field it. Anticipation starts with knowing the situation and knowing exactly what you’re going to do when the ball is hit your way.

The next big mistake is presenting your glove too late. Get it out there early. If it’s out there early, then all we’re timing is our feet. But if it’s not, then we’re timing our feet and our hands.

Another big mistake is fielding the ball in the middle of your stance. I want you to bend down into a fielding position and let your arms naturally hand down. Where is your glove hand? Is it in the middle of your body? No. It’s slightly to the side. That’s where you should field a ground ball.

The biggest mistake I see is getting your butt down, not back. We want to field with a flat back so if the ball takes a bad hop, it hits us in our chest – not our face.

The last mistake I want to cover today is not fielding the ball out in front. Get your hands out in front of you where you can see the ball. We want to watch the ball all the way into our glove. If our glove is underneath us instead of out front, there’s no way we can watch it the entire time.




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