It’s no secret that Reddit Alpha is home of the best Tournament players in the world. If there is ever an actual clan war function, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they will hold the #1 spot. I always find my decks from these players, and I tweak them to make them my own, like replacing hog with ice spirit for the 3 musky deck.

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  • Mike Benson

    hi DaYDreaMz how are you man ? hope you are doing fine. 🙂

    I want to ask you some Questions i need some guidelines:
    1) which best talent is for the lord?
    2) how to set up my hero?
    3) how i divide my march?
    4) what is best to hit the throne from troops types.

    I am p5 svip 9
    state at follows :
    infantry 178
    cavs 220
    Archers 265
    Sige 235
    Total march 270k

    pleas tell me what best to do…. trying to take the throne from months the king is equal to my troops states he have like 10 points more than me. I have the buff on me which reduce total attack and defense by 8%.

    One of the throne war i had 76m power and the king is 148m power we did manage to get him to 8m power but we were taking the throne, 15 minutes left to the throne war ends. The dude regained his power in a matter of seconds he suddenly become 54m power and i was 23m power he zeroed me in a matter of seconds and my alliance shield up i took the hit and he took the throne back. I had 10k troops in my castle at the end of the war……. it was a nice war but we didnt win our alliance power was 765m we went down to 298m…. the king alliance was 994m after the war they were 439m

  • Nikshi Terrance

    hey Day dreamz , can you pls show us how to prestige a castle? and can u explain what requirements they need and stuff? bcos I have started c30 yesterday still 14 days more as I hope there will be a lot of ppl wanting to see…