COUNTER THE META! OP Graveyard Control Deck — Clash Royale

Counter The Meta! Graveyard Control Deck | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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In this clash royale let’s play, we counter the meta with this OP graveyard control deck! This clash royale graveyard deck is built off of the spell bait premise; it is like a control based bait deck. The graveyard, zappies, and the tombstone are the main card elements that focus on baiting out your opponent’s poison. If your opponent poisons a graveyard on defense, they will not be able to break through your defensive zappies card on their own offensive counter push; it will be impossible for them to quickly cycle back to another offensive poison. Consequently, this deck has phenomenal defensive and offensive capabilities if you are able to bait out your opponent’s spells. Graveyard control decks are not common in the current metagame, but they absolutely destroy when you are in double elixir and can safely facilitate graveyard counter pushes. It is best to start graveyard pushes when you are up elixir and know your opponent’s card cycle or when it is double elixir. This is a clash royale legendary deck: it has both the legendary graveyard card and the clash royale royal ghost. Due to the royal ghost in this deck, you will be able to clean up two musketeers rather easily. This graveyard deck beats 3 musketeer decks, beatdown golem decks, giant decks, log bait decks, and just about all the metagame decks. I think this is one of the clash royale best decks in the game, and I highly recommend this deck for clash royale tournaments. It also performs perfectly as one of the best clash royale 12 win decks for clash royale grand challenges. I hope you guys enjoyed my clash royale pro tips and tricks, good luck in your own clash royale 12 win grand challenges, and I’ll see you in the arena!

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