Marklar1 going over the new update and balance changes to go into effect tomorrow, February 13, 2017.

Clash Royale started out with 0 Legendary cards, then added 2 Legendary cards, the Ice Wizard and Princess. Since the game has evolved, many new cards have been added to the Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Cards. There is a new chest cycle because there are two additional chests that can drop now. The Legendary Chest and Epic Chest are guaranteed drops within a 480 chest cycle if you are in the lower arenas, and 240 chest cycle if you are in the legendary arena., but they have no guaranteed location within that cycle. I am at the very end of my chest cycle, so I just got my Epic Chest. Very soon to follow will be my Legendary Chest. Hopefully I’ll get the Graveyard or Electro Wizard, both cards I do not have yet. My main deck for trophy climbing is the Golem, Ice Wizard, Knight, Musketeer, Fireball, Tornado, Elixir Pump, and Minion Horde. This deck is great for gaining trophies in regular gameplay. I haven’t won’t a 12/12 Challenge yet with this deck, but I’ve done 11/12 with it. It’s good for Tournament rules. The new update comes out in two days on February 13, and we will be seeing some big changes! My next video will be covering the update and what new nerfs and buffs we will have.

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Battle Ram
Executioner Gameplay
Elite Barbarians Update
Legendary Chest

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My main deck for my second account has been changed to advance in the ladder further. This deck is better at defending against air troops as well as ground troops.

On my main account, I am going back to my Elixir Collector in my deck. Give my decks a try, let me know how they work for you.

Elixir Collector
Ice Wizard
Minion Horde


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