Clash Royale | How to Use: Giant Snowball

Second of the two NEW CARDS this update, and this one might take a tad bit of practice 😛 with the introduction of the royal hogs and giant snowball, I bring to you the double tecc within just a few days! Whilst I don’t have a developer build for Clash Royale like OJ does, I hope my short informational guides to the new cards help you along. I personally like snowball as an alternative to zap/log, but think the knockback needs to be a perfected skill before it becomes competitively viable in CRL.

Credits to Rhythm for the thumbnail, his Twitch is here:

Shout to my clan Vanguard Recon for the clips, especially to Daniel though 😉

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Song in the video: (Jim Yosef – Lights [NCS Release])


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