Clash Royale — Deck Breakdown — Arena 7 — Mass+Princess/Musketeer


Impressive Arena 7 Deck (level 7 in upgrades) that has pushed all the way to 3071 here. Held me off in legendary and almost took me out. Granted I misplayed a tick … but still nice.

**DECK – CARDS (A6 Deck)**

This deck is built mostly of cards available in Arena 7 or lower.

– Princess (Princess) – The only Arena 7 card
– Musketeer (Mu)
– Fireball (Fi)
– Arrows (Arr)
– Barbarian Hut (BHut)
– Goblin Hut (GobH)
– Minion Hoard (MinH)
– Fireball (Fi)


— Barb+Wiz. Off high cost plays.
— Def+Mortar. Swing mortar out off defensive building.
— Rocket+Arrow. Closer set. If you get to 500 or less, swap to defensive stance and wait for overtime to close out.


– Death From Range Is the Core Attack. Musketeer / Princess. Drop them, once you see you will have mass at the bridge, behind the meatshield.
– Minion Hoard / Barbarians is Counter to Mortar Players. You already have distract (huts) in mid and mass to clog up Inferno defense of mortar. Minion Hoard can swoop in behind that to clear.
– Huts = Shield – Don’t think Huts are the death dealers. They create a shield wall for your core cards.
– Arrow/Fireball – Nice counter to mass troop pushes (barb/wiz, etc.) and closer option for OT in combination.


– Anti-Mass Decks that drive the tower for takedown w/ high health cards (i.e. Prince, etc.)


– Deck seems to work well up to 3050. Need to test myself.


Sorry, no stats for the deck yet. Will try to follow-up.


– None. I think this is the right balance for this style of deck.

Hope it helps.

RunBuck (a.k.a Wryhorn)


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  • Sam Hay

    Thanks for the deck Idea! I honestly don't think you couldn't have done anything different in that attack. In the nature of the mortar deck it shines the most when they are low on elixer and can't place any troops, but there are always troops with spawner decks. As well as I think the outcome would have been different had he not started out with a fireball. If he started out with just spawners/princess/musk then your barbs and wiz would've at the very least taken his spawners out and from then on you could pressure him to where he couldn't place his spawners.

  • Yow

    Not much you could do. Although I think you should have placed the mortar on the right (like you did with your last mortar). That way it does splash damage to the spawners, but is not in the same push-lane.

  • N Saulnier

    I agree with the other commenters. I run very offensive decks, my only "building" is a tombstone. I counter spawners by constantly pushing the opposite lane so they have trouble pairing mass ranged units with massed melee units. It's hard to keep constant pressure like that with such a defensive build, so a draw is a respectable goal.