Clash Royale Best Deck for Arena 6, 7, 8 | PongTv F2P Deck | Best deck for pushing to Frozen Peak

In today’s video I’m giving a strategy breakdown for my deck which is a F2P version of Pong Tv’s deck. This is definitely one of the best decks to use in arena 6, arena 7 and arena 8. My friend used this deck to push to frozen peak and gameplay will be shown in the video.

This is a hog rocket deck, and since I made this deck before reaching arena 8 it has no ice golem. It works very well in arena 6 and 7 because lots of players like playing heavy troops at the back which you can rocket. Also in arena 6 to arena 8 I noticed lots of players using skarmy, always have your zap ready when facing these players.

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