Clash Royale-Best Card?Arena 4,Lvl 6 gameplay/Baby Dragon gameplay

Heylo everybody, I hope you enjoyed or are enjoying the video make sure to leave a like if you want more.

So I am sorry for not uploading for a while I just haven’t really had the motivation to, but I recently found a screen recorder for my phone so now I will be able to video on there, which should be a lot better then on my PC I will also be able to access a bigger variety of games such as Clash of Clans, Minecraft, BTD and so many other games.

Recently I sprained my ankle so I have to use crutches which isn’t all bad because it apparently builds upper body strength which is cool.

Leave a comment saying what games you would like me to play or what deck you use and if this helped you any.comment “Mic is back” if you read this.See you guys later!


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