All Buildings Trolling Arena 1 Clash Royale | Trolls & Funny Moments | ALL BUILDINGS DECK GAMEPLAY!

I hope you enjoyed this clash royale building deck trolling with me, unreal! People didnt really know what to do against the xbow and the mortar so that resulted in a funny video. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this clash royale arena 1 trolling, we were doing a clash royale arena 1 buidlings deck troll! If you liked the video make sure to hit that like button and also comment. 20000 comments and 1000 likes and I will make a free clash royale tournament. IT WILL BE FREE TO JOIN!
I got the idea for this video from Oofro, he is a very good clash royale youtuber who did the same thing but with a bandit. I liked that and figured I could do it as well. Make sure to check Oofro out, his videos are nice:

Thumbnail by octreos!

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Check out this video: . It is a CLASH ROYALE FUNNY GIANT SKELETON! Funny Moments & Glitches & Fails | Clash Royale Montage #2 . It is a funny clash royale compilation with many fails and glitches in it!


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