12 WIN YOUTUBER CHALLENGE!! Pro Tips & Tricks (Stream Highlights #15) — Clash Royale

We asserted dominance in the 12 win youtuber challenge! In this clash royale stream highlights, I run through the challenge, get a 12 win, and give you guys pro tips and tricks with the decks so you guys can have success too! I play orange juice, chief pat, and clash with ash’s decks! Personally, my favorite was the clash with ash deck, since 3 musketeers is one of my best decks. It was so hype to pull that last legendary card ( the mega knight ) and I can’t wait to max it out! We played golem, graveyard, miner, 3m, hog rider, and various other decks on this stream. Thanks for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I’ll see you in the arena!

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